Dining Reminder – Getting Food To-Go in Dining Markets

A student returns a reusable container to a vending machine.

Since our change to all-you-care-to-eat service at Gordon Ave. Market and Four Lakes Market, there has been some confusion about taking food out of the markets after paying. We exclusively use a Ticket to Take Out reusable container program for any food leaving the markets.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. BRING YOUR TOKEN OR CONTAINER – When you moved into your residence hall you received a reusable container token at your check-in location. You need to bring this token with you to the dining market (or empty used container). (include a photo of token)
  2. PROVIDE YOUR TOKEN OR CONTAINER – After you pay for your meal upon entry to the market, provide your Ticket to Take Out token or your previously used container to the cashier and they will provide you with one clean reusable to-go container to use. 
  3. SELECT YOUR FOOD – You can place whatever you would like in the container, but it must be able to fully close. This means, all food items must be able to fit INSIDE the container, they cannot be carried on top of it. The only exception is you are able to carry out one piece of fruit (apple, banana, orange, pear, etc.) and a cookie or dessert bar.
  4. EAT OFFSITE – After you grab your food to-go, that food must be consumed off-site and not in the dining room. 
  5. RETURN YOUR CONTAINER – After you have finished your meal, return your empty to-go container into one of the Ticket to Take Out vending machines at Four Lakes, Liz’s, Rheta’s, or Carson’s Markets to receive a new token to use for another time. At Gordon Ave. and Lowell Markets, simply provide your empty used container to the cashier upon entry and they will provide you with a clean one to use.

This is the only approved process for getting food to-go in our dining markets. Bringing in personal food storage containers or bags and filling them with food is not allowed and is considered theft. Engaging in this practice is a violation of the Student Housing Handbook and may result in our disciplinary process.

If you have additional questions about the Ticket to Take Out program, please explore our frequently asked questions or reach out to us at housing@dining.wisc.edu

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