Food Service Industry Challenges & Impact on Dining

Due to COVID, the entire food service industry in the US is experiencing some unexpected delays due to product availability and staffing shortages. You may have already experienced some of this while trying to find an item at the grocery store and it’s out of stock or when you are dining at a local restaurant and they have a modified menu. Here at Housing Dining, this means when exploring our online menus, there may be times when the menus don’t match what is being served at the unit and there may be longer lines at certain venues.

We also recognize that things have been extra busy at our Dining Markets during peak serving times and our serving and cashier lines have been long. We are currently looking at what changes we can make to make this better and we will share updates when we are able.

We appreciate your patience and understanding with these issue. If you have questions or concerns about this issue, please reach out to us at If you have additional questions about dietary needs or food accommodations, please contact our Housing Dietitian at