Leaving Your Hall for Awhile? Let us know.

If you are unvaccinated and plan to leave your residence hall for a week or more, log in to My UW Housing and click the link under “Temporary Vacate Room” and let us know. You are encouraged to submit proof of a negative test result before returning (you can test at a location at your home or you can test at a campus testing site). These results should be submitted through MyUHS:

  • Select the “Messages” tab
  • Click “New Message”
  • Select the “COVID-19 Outside Result Report” option to complete the form and attach your lab results documentation

Note: You can always schedule a test via MyUHS at campus testing locations. If you are sharing your test result with us, please share your results at least three business days in advance of your return — this allows UHS staff enough time to receive, review, and approve your test results. Submitted test results need to be a PCR or antigen test. At this time, we are not accepting antibody tests.