Remember to Wear Your Mask

Do you have your mask? Don’t forget you are required to mask in all common spaces within the residence hall. This includes the hallway, bathroom, dens, kitchens, and lobby. The requirement to mask indoors is not only a public health order in Dane County, but also an expectation from UW-Madison. We realize that you may not have been required to mask where you are from, or you may not have masked up in your home; however, your home is now a residence hall that houses many people. It is important that we prioritize the collective health and well-being of each other, your neighbors, and your building employees.

We wanted to remind you that your House Fellows are there to build community, act as a resource for you, and to address violations of our policies as they encounter them. They have been trained on how to respond to a wide variety of incidents by the Residence Life professional staff. Being documented for policy violations is uncomfortable for both you and your House Fellow. The more we adhere to policies and expectations, the easier it will be to build community and engage with each other safely.