September 2021: Staying Grounded with the UA Grounds Department

Garbage and Dumpsters

  • Do not place garbage on the ground or on top of the dumpsters.
  • Garbage should be placed in proper dumpsters when moving out.
  • Recycling should be placed in proper dumpsters as well and not left next to them.
  • Please clean up the garbage in the lawn areas when children are done playing.


  • Flower pots cannot be placed on fire rescue platforms. This is a violation of the fire code.
  • If you move out and give property to neighbors, please have them place a new property label on the item so it does not get removed by staff.

Base Lot Parking

  • “Base Lots” refers to the lettering of the different parking lots throughout Eagle Heights, Harvey Street, and University Houses. Each apartment is assigned a parking stall in a base lot. In order to legally park, each car must display the required permit/sticker.
  • Please register your car at the Community Center, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contact the Facilities Office at or 608-262-2037.