University Housing Tuition Reimbursement

University Housing recognizes the importance of supporting the educational ventures of our staff. Follow the checklist of steps for requesting, approving and receiving reimbursement. Employees who are considering or who have already made a commitment to an educational program may seek reimbursement for tuition costs associated with the classes related either to their existing position, or in some cases, promotional opportunities.

  • These forms are located on the University Housing HR Toolbox.
  • University Staff, Academic Staff, Fixed-Term Finite, Fixed-Term Terminal employees and Limited staff with half time (0.5 FTE) or greater appointments are eligible.
  • Employees may seek reimbursement for tuition for no more than 18 credits per year, with a maximum allowance of $3000 per fiscal year.
  • Employees must obtain successful completion in the course of “C” or better in order to be reimbursed.
  • Employees may apply for reimbursement for classes taken at any accredited public or private higher educational institution.