Planning Your Time Off for the End of the Year

University Staff time off balances run on a calendar year basis. You can view your remaining balances on your earnings statement in the Payroll Information box in MyUW or in Kronos. Please work with your supervisor to plan your time off for the rest of the calendar year.

  • Vacation – employees who did not begin a new probationary period in 2021 may carry over up to 40 hours of Vacation into 2022, or more with their supervisor’s approval.
  • Personal Holiday – any Personal Holiday that is not used by December 31 will be lost. Employees will receive a new Personal Holiday balance on January 1.
  • Legal Holiday – any Legal Holiday that is not used by December 31 will be lost. University Staff will receive a new Legal Holiday balance on January 1. Remember that Legal Holiday is not included in the Leave Taken paycode – you have to specify that you want to use Legal Holiday in your Kronos timecard or time off request slip.
    • Friday, December 31 is a Legal Holiday – if you’re working that day or Friday is your normal day off, you should plan to use that time in advance by choosing the LegalHol paycode in your timecard. It may give you a warning that you’re overdrawing, but you will earn the time on 12/31.
  • Comp Time – any unused Comp Time may be carried over into 2022 and becomes Comp Time Carryover. Any Comp Time Carryover that is not used by April 30 will pay out on the May A pay period.