Winter Storage Rules in Effect

With the colder months coming we have our seasonal changes to the parking policy coming up. As of Oct. 1 most of your property must be put inside for storage. This helps us maneuver our equipment around and into buildings to remove leaves and snow more easily. Efficiently removing these is important, as leaves can attract rodents and insects to the area which can get inside the apartments; and snow buildup can make it difficult to navigate the area and make travel more dangerous.

You may have to rent a storage unit elsewhere if your storage area is full. Property that can be left out during the winter includes shovels and sleds, bikes in the bike racks provided, and grills along the apron in the rear of your building. LP tanks must be bolted or chained to your grill or have a locking cap.

Improperly stored property will be tagged with a yellow tag and removed. Generally items removed by our staff will be held for 30 days. If the item is a safety hazard or something we cannot store for pest control reasons like mattresses and soft-sided furniture, those items are disposed of right away.

Read University Apartment’s Storage Policy