End of Semester Reminders

As we approach the end of another difficult year, we understand that some of you may be heading away for an extended period of time.  We have reminders below to help you while you’re away.

    1. Keep all windows and doors closed and locked, along with closing any window shades or drapes. Apartments will not stay warm enough if a window is open and temperatures are frigid outside. Keeping your windows and doors locked will help secure your belongings while you’re away.
    2. Take out the garbage and any perishable foods that could spoil while you are away.
    3. If you have a thermostat turn it to 65-68 degrees.  If you live in University Houses, please leave your convectors on. Leaving your heat on while you’re away will help prevent any pipes from freezing in your apartment if temperatures go below freezing.
    4. If your kitchen has a wall that is exposed to the outside, take steps to help protect the water pipes. You may want to consider opening the cupboard doors below the kitchen sink, as this will help keep your pipes from freezing.
    5. Move any valuable items (books, electronic equipment, etc.) off the floor to prevent water damage in case of a burst pipe due to freezing temperatures.
    6. If you still have an Air Conditioning Unit installed, our staff would be happy to uninstall them and insulate the sleeves, which also helps keep the heat in the apartments. Please go to this link to fill out a work order: http://www.housing.wisc.edu/apartments-maintenance-request.htm
    7. If you’re planning on being gone for at least 2 weeks, please call us at 608-262-3407 or email us at universityapartments@housing.wisc.edu with your apartment number and the dates you’ll be away so we can do some routine checks of your apartment if temperatures get really cold.
    8. Make arrangements to pay your January rent. Remember that postdated checks are not held and will be processed when received.
    9. Contact the United States Postal Service to have a hold on your mail here.

Please make sure you call in maintenance concerns that could be related to cold weather as soon as possible. If you have no heat or no water, those are considered urgent and should be called in right away.  On the weekends, legal holidays, or evenings call the Resident Manager on Call at 608-444-9308 and during the weekdays contact the Apartment Facilities Office at 608-262-2037.