University Housing to Offer New Dining Plan for 2022-23 Academic Year

Starting in the 2022-23 academic year, University Housing resident dining plans will be changing from the current dining tier plan option (a Resident Food account used for all food purchases throughout the year) to a new weekly meal dining plan (featuring 10, 14, or unlimited meals per week, in addition to annual benefits)

The new dining plan, developed in consultation with undergraduate students, is similar to many dining programs at universities across the country, offering the variety, convenience, and value of all-you-care-to-eat meals.

Key Parts of the New Dining Plan

  • Meals Per Week – meals that a student is able to use during a calendar week that expire at the end of each week (only redeemable in Housing locations)
  • Guest Meals – meals a student can use to bring a guest in to dine with them (redeemable only in Housing Dining locations)
  • Meal Exchange – a meal a student can use at Flamingo Run convenience stores or The Bean & Creamery coffee and ice cream shoppe for a set combination of items (only redeemable in Housing Dining locations)
  • Dining Dollars – retail dollars that can be used at any campus food location, including any Housing Dining venue or Wisconsin Union location (5% discount on all purchases)

How it Works*

All students living in the residence halls will be required to select one of three dining plan options. All plans are based on a 32-week academic year. Room and board rates will be released in early 2022. Once we have this information you can find it on our Billing and Rates page.


  • Per week: 10 meals (can do up to 2 meal exchanges/week)
  • Per semester: $100 in Dining Dollars


  • Per week: 14 meals (can do up to 4 meal exchanges/week).
  • Per semester: 3 guest meals and $200 in Dining Dollars


  • Per week: unlimited meals** (can do up to 6 meal exchanges/week)
  • Per semester: 3 guest meals and $450 in Dining Dollars

*For the Academic Year. Non-transferable. Incentives are subject to change.
**Can swipe every 30 minutes.

Service Changes in Markets

In addition to the dining plan change, in the 2022-23 academic year all dining markets will provide all-you-care-to-eat (buffet style) service, where guests will use a weekly meal or pay a flat fee upon entry to the market. 

Other locations/services such as Starbucks, Flamingo Run, The Bean & Creamery, and Starship Delivery will remain à la carte (pay for what you take).

Student Voice

This dining plan change was influenced by student feedback. In a resident dining survey last academic year, we found 73.5% of individuals surveyed favored an all-you-care-to-eat model. In addition, Associated Students of Madison (ASM) and our Dining resident advisory group have had representation on the dining plan committee to provide student input throughout the planning process.

Featured Frequently Asked Questions

If you have additional questions or concerns, reach out to us at or explore our Dining Plan FAQs.

Why are undergraduate residents required to have a dining plan?

Having a dining plan helps ensure that students get the nutrition they need to be healthy and successful, without having to worry about budgeting for food throughout the year. It also allows us to maintain lower housing rates for our residents, and gives students more value

Can students take food to-go from dining markets?

Yes, to take food to-go from any location, you will need to use your Ticket to Take-Out token. Upon entry to the Market, provide your token to the cashier. You’ll be allowed to take 1 container to-go. The container must be able to shut. Food that is requested to-go must be consumed off-site and not in the dining room.

Do unused meals for a week always expire, or is there any flexibility to carry over or flex to another week?

Your dining plan gives you a designated number of meals per week based on the plan you selected. Unused weekly meals expire at the end of the week and do not carry over to the next week. In addition, all Dining Dollars must be used by the end of the academic year. They will not carry over to the next academic year.

I have a dietary need (vegan, vegetarian, halal) or food allergy. With this change, will I still be able to find enough options I can eat at the markets?

Fill out the Allergy/Dietary Requirement Self-Declaration Form so our Dietitian can ensure your specific needs are addressed. We are happy to work with students regarding individual circumstances. We have several resources we can use to ensure your needs are met.