Annual CSA & Responsible Employee Training

New in 2022, and in efforts to increase compliance levels, the CSA and Responsible Employee Training will be offered online only. The annual online training is very thorough, and allows people to move at their own pace and also bookmark important websites with reporting and resource information.

Responsible Employees will also receive an email directly from the UW Office of Compliance monthly if their training is due or past due with a reminder to complete the required training.

CSA’s/Responsible Employees include:

  • Housing Directors
  • Human Resources Representatives
  • University Housing Managers and Supervisors, including Student Supervisors
    • University Housing House Fellows
    • University Housing Resident Managers
    • Student Services Staff (Employees whose duties require them to have regular or daily contact with students
      • This includes employees who are responsible for directly providing services to undergraduate and graduate students and to student organizations unless designated as a confidential resource)

If you fall into one of the above categories, take the Responsible Employee and CSA trainings:

Responsible Employee: