Safety Reminders

University Housing has several layers of safety for our students in the residence halls, but you also play an important role in protecting yourself and your fellow residents. Follow these important safety reminders for prevention and reporting to help keep your community safe and secure:

  • Residents of University Housing are urged to keep their doors locked, especially when home or sleeping.
  • Never prop open a building door or allow access to someone you don’t know. Be wary of any suspicious behavior in the area. If you feel uncomfortable confronting a person following you into a residence hall, alert the hall staff, House Fellow or UWPD.
  • Do not open the door to someone who does not carry proper identification. University Housing custodial and maintenance staff members all wear identification tags with their photos and names.
  • Report any crime or suspicion of a crime at once. If UWPD is contacted within the first five minutes, they have a better chance of finding a suspect. Dial 911 for help.

If you have questions or need support, please contact your House Fellow or Residence Life Coordinator.