Summer Grounds Update


Our storage policy changed from winter to summer items on May 1. Please make sure any items you will be moving outside in accordance with the policy have current property stickers on them.  If you have questions about what is allowed to be stored outside in the summer, please see the complete Storage Policy.

Waste and Recycling

Please put trash in the proper dumpsters, not on the ground. When dumpsters are contaminated, for example, trash in the recycling dumpster, the entire dumpster goes to the landfill and the costs to our budget go up. If you have questions about what goes where, please ask.

Metal, appliances, and large furniture are the only things that should be left outside the dumpsters. Cardboard boxes should be flattened so that the recycling dumpsters can accommodate more items.

If you are moving out, bikes may be left at the dumpster, or you can donate them to a local charity.


Please remember to drive slowly and watch for children. Pedestrians, please stay on the sidewalks and use the crosswalks when crossing the road.

Turkey alert: Spring is mating season for turkeys. Please stay as far away from them as possible and do not feed them. If they come toward you, turn around and walk away at a normal pace (do not run).

Grilling season is also starting. Safety regulations require they be on the ground and at least 10 feet away from the building. Do not leave starting fluid outside. LP tanks must be fastened or bolted to the grill or have a locking cap per City of Madison fire ordinances.

Small, green LP tanks must be removed after use. Grills in lawn areas must be put back by the building when cool so that they are out of the way of lawnmowers. Do not use small grills on top of picnic tables.

Per the City of Madison fire code, all fire rescue platforms outside of the buildings must be cleared of any property. Please do not place plants on the platforms. You may have plastic planters along the building as long as they are not in a walkway. They cannot block a door, stairs, gas meters, or bike racks.

Please do not store any chemicals outside, such as car fluids or cleaners. This is very dangerous with the many children we have in our community. These items will be removed by the grounds staff.

Tree Removal and Planting

We will be removing select Ash trees due to the disease caused by the Emerald Ash Borer. Please stay away from these areas when crews are working.

We will be planting many new trees and shrubs. Please do not let children play near the new plants as these new plants will be delicate and can be easily damaged. Also, please do not let dogs urinate on or near the new plants, as it could kill the new growth.

Lawn Mowing

With the warmer weather and things turning green, it means it is lawn mowing time again. Mowing day will be on Wednesdays for Eagle Heights and University Houses and Thursdays for Harvey Street. Please remember to remove all personal items from the grassy areas before mowing day.