Well Wisconsin Program Offers Resources and Incentive

Well Wisconsin is a voluntary wellness program available at no cost to UW–Madison employees, their spouses, and retirees who are enrolled in the State Group Health Insurance Program.

The program offers resources that can help participants set goals, track their progress, and stay motivated.

Participants can earn a $150 incentive in 2022 by completing the health assessment, a health check, and one well-being activity by October 14, 2022. To earn this incentive, you and your spouse must each complete a health assessment, health check activity, and one well-being activity (by mid-October*).

$150 Wellness Incentive

  • Health Assessment: Captures current health behaviors through a brief questionnaire (15-20 minutes) focusing on stress, sleep, nutrition and physical activity.
  • Health Check Activity:
    • Biometric screening – Provides a picture of overall health (includes measurements for blood pressure, body mass index, cholesterol, triglycerides & glucose) or
    • Dental exam – Provides a picture of overall dental health (by getting a preventive dental exam) or
    • One coaching session – Provides an opportunity for you to work with a WebMD Health Coach to help you work toward your goals!
  • Well-Being Activity: Helps with overall health and well-being (examples: Stress Less Challenge, Five Fruits & Vegetables to Thrive Challenge, Random Acts of Kindness Challenge, Well Wisconsin Radio).

There are a number of well-being activities to choose from based on one’s personal needs and interests.

To participate, log in or register on the WebMD ONE website at webmdhealth.com/wellwisconsin (use code SOWI) or download the Wellness At Your Side mobile app through the App Store or on Google Play (use code SOWI). You can also contact the WebMD HelpLine at 800-821-6591.