Grounds Work In The University Apartments Community

Over the next several weeks, multiple projects will be taking place throughout the UA community. The goal of these projects is to continue to provide residents with a safe and clean place to call home. Please be patient with the many contractors and University Apartments staff that are working hard to complete these projects as quickly and safely as possible. The following projects will begin on Monday, May 16, and last for the next several weeks:

Parking Lots

South Central Concrete and Payne and Dolan Asphalt will work on paving parking lots 401-404, 408, and 504. During this time the dumpster pads will be replaced and resized to better fit the newer and larger dumpsters. The expected work time is two weeks. It will require all affected residents to park at nearby locations and use alternative dumpsters. The residents who are affected by this work have been emailed maps showing the location of alternative parking and temporary dumpster locations. Once the new dumpster pads and pavement have been installed, the lots will be line striped. All of this work will require specific dry time for the concrete, asphalt, and paint. Please understand that this work is being completed as quickly as possible.

Tree Removal

Boley Tree and Landscape Care will be removing diseased Ash trees throughout the community. Boley will be working to safely remove these trees. Please be sure to stay clear of the areas where this work is taking place. University Apartments staff will be onsite to assist Boley in closing off sidewalks and monitoring apartment entrances.

Sidewalk Repairs

Concrete Lifting Technologies will be onsite to lift and grind sidewalks that pose a trip hazard. This work will require small sections of sidewalks to be temporarily closed. The contractor will be responsible for closing off sidewalks. This work will take place in several locations.

Lawn Mowing

Reliable Property Services will resume mowing every Wednesday in the University Houses and Eagle Heights and every Thursday for Harvey Street. This work is weather dependent. If mowing does not take place on the scheduled day, it will resume the day after. Reliable works hard to accomplish this work in one day to lessen the impact on the community. Please help by keeping all property out of the lawn areas on mowing days.