Technê Skillshare

Visual communication is an effective way for humans to understand information.

On Thursday, June 23rd, we will continue learning together how to use popular graphics software, like Adobe Illustrator, Inkscape (free and open source software) or Affinity Designer.

This time we will learn through thinking about a new visual identity for our University Apartments Assembly of Residents. In other words, what should our logo be? What should our local mascot(s) be?

The ultimate idea is to redesign the already existing UAA logo as well as to design mascots – for example: turkeys, cranes and other animal species with whom we share this environment. These are just examples of images that can be emblematic of our community and we don’t need to limit ourselves only to these.

Bring your laptop with you, and a computer mouse, if you have one!

Also whether or not you have some ideas or you just want to be part of this brainstorming process, please feel free to come by.​​​​​​​

Moderator: Efren Alvarez Salvado

Location and date and time: Eagle Heights Community Center, the Large Gym (611 Eagle Heights Dr), Thursday 23, at 6.30pm. 

We will have an ample space for social distancing (6ft+) and the proper wearing of masks will be encouraged.We will provide refreshments and snacks. Please sign up:  For all your questions:

About “Technê”

“Technê” is a skillshare meetup, initiated by the UA Assembly, where people gather and share their skills. It is an open gathering of people who simply want to share what they know “how to do” with each other. These skills can be anything from math and sciences to arts and crafts. “Technê” is simply about learning new things and being together.

“Technê,” as in the root of the word “technology”, is the Ancient Greek word nowadays usually translated as “craft” or “art”. However, its original meaning encompassed both theoretical knowledge and application of that knowledge, and this is how we understand these meetups.

“Technê” skillshare meetups are therefore open for exchange of particular knowledge or skills while hanging out. This could include, but is not limited to, conversations and debates on specific subjects, presentations, reading groups, film screenings.

“Technê” skillshare meetup will be weekly gatherings at the Community Center (611 Eagle Heights) during the spring and fall semesters. The schedule during the summer and winter brakes will be defined later.