University Apartments Move-out

Leases in Eagle Heights and University Houses will end Thursday, June 30th. We know there are many things to do when moving out! Below are a few reminders to help check-off your list and make sure you have a pleasant experience bidding farewell to the UA Community.

  • If you are remaining in the United States, be sure to visit the USPS website to change your address
  • In addition, change delivery address information on personal accounts (ex: Amazon, cell phone bill, financial institutions, credit cards, delivery services, etc)
  • Be sure to cancel your MG&E customer service account
  • Remove all personal belongings from the apartment and storage unit
  • When you are ready to return your keys, be sure to:
    • Seal your keys inside the “Yellow Express Check-out Envelope”. Envelopes are on the left upon entering the first set of doors of the Community, next to the drop box.
    • Leave your name, apt. number and forward mailing information, where indicated, on the envelope
    • Place the envelope in the drop box on the left wall (next to the ATM).

*Note: The first set of doors are open 24 hours of the day, therefore you may return the keys anytime you are ready, no later than 8:00 a.m., the day after your lease end date.

For a complete instructions and guidelines to moving out of your home, please use the University Apartments Move-Out Guide

Thank-you for being apart of our community! We sincerely hope you enjoyed your living experience with us.