Technê Skillshare: Hacking Chocolate

This week’s “Technê” skillshare meetup is “Hacking Chocolate” with Hossein Panahi, a University Apartments’ Resident Manager and is taking place on Thursday, July 28st, at the Community Center, from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Hossein will share his experience of being a project manager at a chocolate company. We will get to learn about the production process and project management challenges. Hossein will also discuss what chocolate is, what makes chocolate of good quality, and what ingredients companies use to trick us into thinking that some sweets are chocolate.

To help us get a deeper understanding, we will do a tasting workshop where we will have some chocolate samples to eat and analyze on the spot.

We encourage you to bring your favorite chocolate or any chocolate, for that matter, that is handy for you to bring, so we can include it in our tasting sample. If you for any reason cannot bring any, don’t worry about it. We will have enough for tasting purposes. Please just join us.

Feel free to stop by any time during the session.

Please sign up if you plan to attend:

We will bring some refreshments and snacks, and chocolate, this time around. 🙂

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