Dining Service Updates – September 2022

As we start the semester with a large group of students on campus, our Dining & Culinary Services team is working hard to make the experience as quick and convenient for residents as possible. At peak meal times, as with any dining operation, there may be a small wait, but the lines move swiftly, and service is quickly becoming more efficient as our new student staff and residents become more familiar with our dining markets.

Dining Tips

  • Consider visiting our other dining locations. Housing has six dining markets located around campus, and some tend to be less busy than Gordon and Four Lakes.
  • Try to avoid the busiest times if your schedule allows.
  • Have your Wiscard (or other payment) ready when you get to the cashier.
  • At Gordon and Four Lakes, consider eating in our overflow dining rooms (upper Gordon and the Lake Mendota Room).
  • Sit with friends or someone you don’t know to save seating space for others.
  • Consider getting your food to-go and dining outside of our dining markets.

Upcoming Dates to Note

On some upcoming dates, seating may be more limited in Gordon and Four Lakes Markets due to events in these buildings, where our overflow seating areas will not be available. On these dates, cashier stations will offer an optional disposable to-go box with disposable utensils, for customers who are willing take their food out and free up seating. If a student chooses a to-go box, they must still leave the dining room and follow our typical to-go policy. Students who have one of our reusable to-go containers may also use that option.

The dates of limited seating in September are:

  • Four Lakes: 9/12, 9/13, 9/19
  • Gordon: 9/13, 9/14, 9/15, 9/18, 9/19, 9/22, 9/28

Food Supply Changes

Supply chain issues continue to affect the entire food service industry nationwide. While we do experience some daily shortages and product availability issues from our suppliers, it has not affected the variety of options we have on a daily basis. There may be times we may run out of a product or entrée, but we work quickly to replace it with another option that we have on hand. Sometimes these changes need to be made quickly, so you may experience some differences between our posted online menus and what you see on the serving line at each venue. These quick changes are to constantly provide variety as quickly as possible. However, if there is something you would like to see on our menus, please share that with us in our Contact Us form.