House Fellows & Your Community

Hopefully by now you have had a chance to meet your House Fellow (HF) and other HFs in your building/community. House Fellows are typically undergraduate student staff members that help keep our communities safe and are here to support residents during their experience living on campus.

House Fellows are responsible for addressing concerns and potential policy violations. If a HF was to confront your room while they are on duty, they will be wearing their House Fellow shirt. They will always knock on your door, announce themselves and will not enter your room without permission unless there was an emergency. There may be times when a HF stops by your room without their HF shirt, but hopefully you will recognize them or they can provide identification confirming they are a HF in your building/community. If you ever have concerns about the identity of someone in your building/community, it is okay to call the HF on Duty phone or UWPD.

We appreciate when residents are respectful and cooperative when HFs are trying to do their jobs in these types of situations. Thank you all for helping to keep our community safe and please reach out to your HF or Residence Life Coordinator if you have any questions or concerns.