Meet Arandjel, UA’s New Resident Manager

Portrait of Arandjel BojanovicHello, my name is Arandjel Bojanovic, and I am a new resident manager for the neighborhood of 100s/200s.

 I am originally from Serbia, and I moved to Madison in 2020 and then to Eagle Heights in October 2021. My partner is a PhD student at UW Madison and that brought us here. I studied philosophy at the University of Belgrade. I have had  long-term interests in ethical issues surrounding technology and in community organizing.

I got involved in the University Apartments’ residents organizing and became the assembly team member during the pandemic. Soon after, I took on the role of chair of the assembly team and started developing – together with many other residents –  a techne skillshare platform with the idea to promote horizontal education within the community. As a result of that collaboration, we now have even more reoccurring programs going on such as community crochet, language cafe, and stammtisch.

I have also connected to the Madison community at large through ultimate frisbee. I discovered the sport when I moved to Madison and I have been playing pickup games around the city.

If you are interested in any of these subjects, and you would like to discuss it further with me, feel free to reach out. I would be happy to talk to you.