Technê Skillsshare Proposals

Hello everyone,

At the Assembly we are organizing Technê Skillshare meetups to be held throughout the fall semester. And we are looking for proposals and volunteers to lead workshops. If you have an idea, a hobby, or a topic you are interested in, and want to share with others, please send us a proposal! You don’t have to be an expert; it’s enough if you have some familiarity with and enthusiasm about a topic.

Technê meetups are about horizontal knowledge sharing and getting together in our University Apartments community. They can be in any format (presentation, discussion, workshop, field trip, etc.) and include any number of participants, from one to a lot. Don’t be discouraged if you feel your subject is somewhat rare! Every idea is welcome if at least one person can benefit from it. Subjects can relate to science, philosophy, arts, crafts, sports, movement practices, professional experience, hobbies, etc. And a meetup can be lead in collaboration by more than one person.

To propose a presentation, please fill out this form, and we will reach out to you about details.

We will take care of announcements, reminders, follow ups, space, refreshments, and the setup. We have been holding our meetups at the Eagle Heights Community Center, but we can do a trip elsewhere if you feel like sharing in that way.

Please look up our previous meetups here. We will base our selection criteria from the experience we have had already.

If you have any questions, please reach out to