The Perfect Package

University Housing and our amazing Desk Staff have already received a total of 33,528 packages since August 1, 2022! If you have experienced any delay in receiving a package at our halls lately, it may be due to the sheer volume of packages we are processing, but it may also be caused by some common addressing issues which can keep people from getting their packages in a timely manner.

Common Package Problems

The following common package problems cause delays in processing packages and getting them to you:

  • Not including your FIRST and LAST name; or having your parent’s name on your package
    • Ex: There are a lot of people who have the first name Jack, even in the same building.
    • Solution: Ensure your full name is on all orders or packages sent to you.
  • Not including your Hall, House, AND Room Number
    • Ex: In Lakeshore, there are 10 buildings that have room 201. We need the full address to ensure we are getting packages to the correct person.
    • A proper address example is:
      Buckingham Badger
      6206 Withey, Ogg Residence Hall
      835 W. Dayton Street
      Madison, WI 53706

By fixing these common package problems, you will help us speed up our processing and delivery of packages to you.

How You Can Help

There are some additional steps that you can take to speed up your retrieval:

  • If you are ordering from Amazon:
    • Consider condensing your packages into one shipment – better for the environment and better for our staff.
    • Consider delivering and picking up your packages at the Amazon Package Center in Southeast by Sellery Hall.
  • If your family or friends are ordering something for you, make sure it is addressed to your full name, not a nickname or a parent’s name
  • Encourage family to decorate boxes mailed to you – be creative and make them look original! It helps us find them quicker!
  • Wait to come to the Desk or Package Center to get your package until you receive an email from Housing stating that you have a package to pick up
    • Delivery companies will often say that your item is delivered, but that might only mean it was either delivered to USPS or was delivered to us and has not been processed yet. We are not able to sort through packages to find something that hasn’t been processed.
    • If you do not retrieve your package the day it is logged for you, you will continue to receive email reminders each day until you claim the package.

Pick-Up Locations

As a reminder, packages for all Southeast halls and Waters Hall should be picked up at the hall desk. Packages for all other Lakeshore halls should be picked up at our Lakeshore Package Center in the lower level of Holt Center. Regular mail for all residence halls continues to be delivered to your hall desk/mailbox. Regardless of your pick-up location, all mail and packages should be addressed to your own residence hall, house, and room number.

Thank you so much for your patience as our Desk Team works overtime to get through the massive number of packages being delivered every day!