University Apartments Heat

Welcome to WI, home of the weather weird! September is the time of year when the weather is hot, cool, cold, and warm as it transitions from summer to fall. This is also the time of the year when many are wondering “Where’s The Heat”! Heat is turned no later than October 15. It may be turned on prior to the date if the average temperatures falls below 40 degrees Fahrenheit for two or three consecutive days. Many of our boilers are on temperature sensors that will only turn on if the outdoor temperatures are low enough. We also have 100s of pieces of equipment that require changing the heat mode manually. This process takes time. The kind of heating system used in our apartments is very efficient, and if we turn on the heat too early, the apartments quickly become too warm for comfort. Please know our Facilities team is closely monitoring the weather and has already begun preparations.

Here are a few helpful hints to keep warm in your apartment through the seasonal transition:

  • Keep your windows closed, especially at night. We know many residents enjoy fresh air circulating through the apartments, keeping the windows closed or just slightly cracked will help reduce cold air venting in.
  • Wear layers- when you’re doing a combination of activities—standing, walking, sitting, going outside and inside and back outside again—your body regulates its temperature differently. Layering allows you to be comfortable throughout the day as your body temperature and activity level change. When the weather is so unpredictable, layers provide the preparation you need for any unexpected changes in temperature.
  • Use a thick comforter/blanket for sleeping.
  • If you’d like to invest in an additional heating source, stores like Target, Menards, Walmart and others sell small space heaters. When using a space heater please be cautious if children are in the apartment as they can run hot. In addition, they should be secured on a hard, level space and away from damp spaces and water.

Happy Fall!