Dining Plan Adjustments Billed or Credited

If you adjusted your dining plan earlier this semester, charges for an increase in plan will be present in your student center and invoiced by October 18th with a November 11th due date. Students pay for their initial dining plan through October 8th, and the new plan (selected during the change period) beginning October 9th, when the new plan took effect. Therefore, the increase or decrease on your student account will not be the full change in semester dining plan prices and instead be a prorated amount for the effective dates. Dining dollars are not prorated and will be adjusted to the new plan selected. Any spending in dining dollars above the new plan’s allotted semester amount was charged as usage.

Adjustments to your student center account for increases or decreases in plans will be the following, (less any overspent dining dollars when reducing plans):

  • Go10 & Go14: $202.28
  • Go14 & GoUnlimited: $454.54
  • Go10 & GoUnlimited: $656.82

If you increased your dining plan, charges for the prorated adjustments are already reflected in your student center financial account and will be invoiced on the next eBill by October 18th with a due date of November 11th.

If you decreased your dining plan, you would have already received a credit or refund for the prorated plan adjustments between October 6th-18th. If a balance was owed on your student account, these adjustments would have reduced the current balance owed and any resulting overpayment would have been refunded. If no balance was owed and there were no refund restrictions, then a refund would have been processed by the Bursar’s office. Please visit the Bursar’s refunding page for questions on how or when refunds are processed.