Have You Completed Your Required 2022 Trainings?

There are several trainings that staff need to complete annually. Not sure what you’ve already finished? Check your Learning Transcripts:

You can login using your NetID to review your Learning Transcripts and Registration history:

Screenshot of professional development learnings transcript tabs

  • Visit  https://hr.wisc.edu/professional-development/
  • Click on Review your Course History
  • Login with your Net ID and password
  • Click on Transcript to review your history or Registrations for courses you are currently registered for.

Compliance Trainings Due in 2022

Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Cybersecurity Awareness Training applies to all staff.  Employees will be required to complete training each year by December 1, (as mandated for all employees, this includes student hourly and graduate student employees). New employees need to review the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources policy upon hire.

This online annual training includes security best practices and information on your role in protecting the University’s systems and data. Training topics include but are not limited to social engineering, sensitive data protection, password security, ransomware, and email security.

The 2022 Refresher is due by December 1, 2022!

Failure to meet this requirement will result in ineligibility for merit pay adjustments.

This is a text-based Cybersecurity Awareness Training delivered in Canvas by the UW–Madison Office of Cybersecurity. This training has been translated into our six languages (English, Spanish, Hmong, Tibetan, Chinese, and Nepali) and is very accessible to all users, including those with disabilities.

Enroll at  OHRD Catalog (wisc.edu)  ( https://talent.wisc.edu/Catalog/Default.aspx?CK=73523)

  1. Select your preferred language and log in using your NetID and password.
  2. Once you complete the training, you will receive immediate confirmation of successful completion of this training.

The 2022 training is provided through Canvas and should take about 30 minutes to complete. To pass, you must correctly answer 80 percent of the 17 multiple choice questions. The training does not need to be completed in one sitting. You can return to the training to pick up where you left off and complete it at your convenience. You can retake the quiz until you pass.

If you have questions or comments, please contact cybersecurityawareness@cio.wisc.edu.

Preventing Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Training

Preventing Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence at UW–Madison is a required online training module for all UW-Madison faculty and staff, including temporary employees.

This is a training required of all UW-Madison employees when they first begin their employment, and again every four years.

The 2022 Refresher is due by December 1, 2022! 

Failure to meet this requirement will result in ineligibility for merit pay adjustments.

Spanish, Chinese, Hmong, Tibetan, Nepali Language Training:

  • These trainings will be available starting October 19, 2022.
  • Employees will register for the training with the same link provided below.
    • Once in the Canvas course, Step 1 and Step 2 will have buttons listing the training and quiz in a specified language.
    • Each language will have the option to take the training via video, PowerPoint, or plain HTML text format. Individuals may select the option they prefer.
    • Once Step 1 is complete, employees will need to take the certification quiz in Step 2; this consists of 1 question certifying their completion of the training.
    • GROUP SESSIONS:  If you would like to have group sessions for training completion, you may do so within your unit. If those who attend a group session will not be registering for and taking the certification quiz individually, you must use the Excel spreadsheet to track (found in HR Toolbox under Training- Training – HR Toolbox (wisc.edu)) who attended the training session. Please send the completed spreadsheet to titleix_coordinator@wisc.edu, please cc, laurie.teeter@housing.wisc.edu.
    • The Office of Compliance, Employee Resource Guide is now translated. This is supplemental and we suggest that you distribute and share with employees who have taken a non-English language version of the training. The Employee Resource Guides are available on our website: https://compliance.wisc.edu/titleix/employee-information/#employee-resource-guide.

What you will learn: The university is committed to creating a campus community that is free from sexual harassment and sexual violence.

The direct link to register for online training:   https://www.talent.wisc.edu/Catalog/Default.aspx?CK=73721

  • Employees must receive a 100% score on the quiz to successfully pass
    • Check your score!    You can return to the certification quiz to verify you have scored 100%.
    • If you have not scored 100%, please attempt the quiz again.

AllerTrain RA

October 2022–October 2023

This course is a gluten-free and food allergy training program.  Although this training is geared towards House Fellows, it is important for all Housing career staff to understand how to handle an emergency, should you encounter a resident having a reaction.   Through this 8-minute food allergy training, you will learn the health implications food allergies have on residents, emergency protocol, and how to identify common risk factors for students with food allergies on campus and in dining halls.  You will also be better prepared to handle emergency situations until medical professionals arrive.

WHO IS REQUIRED? All Housing Career Employees with the exception of Garden Workers and DCS employees who are not in the FSA 1 Title- (Dishwashers).  All other DCS Employees complete AllerTrain Lite Annually.

  • New hires must complete this training within 30 days of hire
  • Annual review is required- A new module will be released on October 21, 2023
  • Language: This training is only available in English. A translated document of key content is available as a guide while watching the training video at AllerTrain RA – HR Toolbox (wisc.edu)

How to Register: 

To create an account and start your training, please take the following steps:

  1. Click on the link to redeem your coupon code: https://www.schoox.com/1320414/allertrain-ra/about?coupon=atraMad22
  2. When you navigate to Schoox, log in or sign up for an account if you do not already have one.
  3. After signing in you will be brought to the landing page, click on the green “enroll now” button on the left side of the page.
  4. You will then be brought to the course to begin at the present time or a later date.
  5. View your 8-minute course through to completion (Sound is needed)
  6. Finally, you will receive an email confirmation.

A report is generated monthly on all those who have successfully completed this training and then recorded in the OHRS Learning and Management System records.

Mandated Reporting Online Training: October 2022–October 2023

All faculty and staff members at the University of Wisconsin-Madison share a responsibility to create safe learning and work environments and a positive campus climate. To do so requires all of us to understand certain federal and state compliance obligations, meet our reporting responsibilities, and know the appropriate campus resources to address safety concerns.  All UW-System employees are mandated reporters per Executive Order #54.

Staff are responsible for reporting incidents while in the course of their daily work. All employees regardless of appointment type, including volunteers and contractors who might interact with children are mandated reporters.

Who is required to complete this canvas training:

  • University Apartments (other than Eagle’s Wing)
  • Conference Services (career, student Conference Assistants)
  • Residence Hall Facilities (career, student custodian supervisors, summer custodians)
  • Residence Life (career, Lead Peer Mentors, ARLC, RLC Lead Peer Mentor, CCE Supervisor, CRC Lead Peer Mentor, House Fellow, Student Engagement Advisor, Studio Student Program Lead, WISE Student Program Lead
  • Summer Desk staff

Your legal responsibilities as a mandated reporter, the types of child abuse and neglect and their definitions, how to recognize child abuse and neglect, how and where to make a report, what happens after you make a report and the protections for a reporter under the law.  It should take most learners about 30 minutes to complete the core of the training.

Please remember to complete the October 2022–October 2023 Mandatory Reporter Quiz after completing the Mandated Reporter Online Training module

Employees can self-enroll in the 2022–2023 Mandated Reporter Online Training module by logging into Canvas at https://go.wisc.edu/51j124 Where you will log in and register using your NetID.

  • You will have four quiz attempts to earn a passing grade of 80% or higher.
  • If you have questions, please go back and review the Mandated Reporter Online Training module again or ask your supervisor.
  • If you have trouble accessing the quiz, try accessing the quiz using Google Chrome and clear your cache/cookies.