Is my child old enough to be at the Community Center by themselves?

That is a tricky question to answer. Every child, family, and culture is different. Just remember this question: “Do I trust my child to stay home alone for any period of time?” If you answered no, then they probably aren’t old enough to be at the Community Center without parental guidance. We do not have staff available to regularly monitor the public areas of the building or to supervise your child. We have recently noticed an increase in unsupervised children playing at the Community Center. If this is your child it could be really helpful for you to have a conversation with them to set some expectations for their behavior when they are here unaccompanied.

If you believe your child is old enough to be at the Community Center unsupervised, here are some things we recommend: your child should know their name, their apartment number, your name, and your cell phone number while at the Community Center. Your child should also have basic English proficiency so they can answer and understand the staff at the Community Center. We are happy to have guests in the Community Center but the staff are not caretakers. Information taken from