Preventing Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence Training

Due December 1, 2022

Preventing Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence at UW–Madison is a required online training module for all UW-Madison faculty and staff, including temporary employees.  This is a training required of all UW-Madison employees when they first begin their employment, and again every four years. Failure to meet this requirement will result in ineligibility for merit pay adjustments.

Spanish, Chinese, Hmong, Tibetan, Nepali Language Training

  • These trainings will be available starting October 19, 2022.
  • Employees will register for the training with the same link provided below.
    • Once in the Canvas course, Step 1 and Step 2 will have buttons listing the training and quiz in a specified language.
    • Each language will have the option to take the training via video, PowerPoint, or plain HTML text format. Individuals may select the option they prefer.
    • Once Step 1 is complete, employees will need to take the certification quiz in Step 2; this consists of 1 question certifying their completion of the training.
    • Group Sessions:  If you would like to have group sessions for training completion, you may do so within your unit. If those who attend a group session will not be registering for and taking the certification quiz individually, you must use the Excel spreadsheet to track (found in HR Toolbox under Training- Training – HR Toolbox ( who attended the training session. Please send the completed spreadsheet to, please cc,
    • The Office of Compliance, Employee Resource Guide is now translated. This is supplemental and we suggest that you distribute and share with employees who have taken a non-English language version of the training. The Employee Resource Guides are available on our website:

What you will learn

The university is committed to creating a campus community that is free from sexual harassment and sexual violence.

The direct link to register for online training:

Employees must receive a 100% score on the quiz to successfully pass

  • Check your score! You can return to the certification quiz to verify you have scored 100%.
  • If you have not scored 100%, please attempt the quiz again.