Language Café Presents: “Little Shop of Horrors”

Join us for another this year Language Café on Sunday, December 4! Language Café is a place for residents to immerse themselves into a particular language and an opportunity to support others in their learning. Get to know your neighbors, make new friends and enjoy this social time with us. Snacks also served.

Sunday, December 4

5:00pm: Horror Movie Night in room 139 Community Center

At this Language Café, join UA Community Cinema for a screening of Roger Corman’s black-and-white sci-fi horror comedy The Little Shop of Horrors (1960). The movie is about a florist, a worker in a flower shop, who cares for a talking plant that, as it turns out, needs blood to survive. As the plant becomes an attraction and lucrative business, the florist must take action to keep the plant alive​​. Critics saw the movie also as a parable of consumer society and ways in which we relate to each other and to the environment.

We will have a small discussion after about the issues raised by this movie. Feel free to bring blankets, mats, and pillows for comfortable watching, and we will bring snacks and beverages.