Update Your Computer Profile to Sync to OneDrive

To improve performance of our work technology, AIMS will be making a change to the way Housing user profiles are stored and synced on Housing computers.

Currently, Housing employees are set up to use roaming profiles. One of the convenient features of remote profiles is that staff can log into any computer, and your personal settings are copied over to the computer you are logging in to. One of the main issues and challenges is that the repeated copying of these files causes slow login and logout times, old files not being deleted, and possibly login failure.

The solution AIMS is providing is to instead sync files to OneDrive. OneDrive is cloud storage that will store your desktop files, your My Documents files, and Pictures.  The advantage of using OneDrive is that you will have access to these files wherever you are located.

This change is a two-part process. 

Part 1: AIMS will start to sync your personal settings to OneDrive.

Part 2: Once the sync is complete, AIMS will remove your roaming profile so your computer will rely on OneDrive file sync.

To begin this process, Housing staff need to take the first step. Since your campus e-mail and OneDrive use NetID credentials to authenticate, you will need to start the initial syncing process (Part 1).

All Housing staff must follow these steps to enable the OneDrive sync by Tuesday, 12/20/2022.

If you have any questions about these steps/instructions, please contact the AIMS Help Desk at 608-265-6900 or email help@aims.wisc.edu