Maintaining Heat in Your Room

During the winter months, especially on the colder days, it’s important to be aware of your room, your residence hall, and the surrounding areas to maintain heat in the building and avoid frozen pipes. Here are a few things to keep in mind to keep you and your community warm.

  • Keep all windows closed and latched. Open your blinds during the day to allow the sun to naturally warm your room and close them at night to help with drafts. Doing this also helps with keeping the moisture levels in your room in check.
  • Make sure furniture and other items are at least 6 inches away from heating vents to make sure air can flow freely through the room
  • Keep a lookout for any concerns in common areas or main entrances that you may see. This could include doors that are not closing all the way or open windows.

Our Facilities staff are always working hard to address snow and ice in the main entrances to buildings, including in the walkways and stairwells. If you see a concern during a snow or cold event, please do not hesitate to submit a maintenance request to get it resolved.

Submit a Maintenance Request