Maintenance Minute: Why Working with Facilities Works for You

Working with University Housing Facilities is a great way to spend your summer. We have a variety of open positions, including Maintenance Workers, Custodians, Construction Project Assistants, and Painter Laborers. There are positions available across campus, so if you would prefer a quick commute, work in Southeast! If you’d rather enjoy sunny days by Lake Mendota, come work in Lakeshore. You could even work in the beautiful, historic University Apartments buildings (think Eagle Heights). With any of these positions, you’ll make at least $15/hour with opportunities for wage increases. In the summer, you can work a few hours per week or up to 40 hours, and there’s ample flexibility to balance summer classes, friends, family, and vacations. If you’re interested but unsure where you would live, Housing has thought of that, too! If you work at least 20 hours per week, you can live in the residence halls over the summer as a student employee for $500. That’s $500 for the whole summer, not per month!

Be a Maintenance Worker

As a Maintenance Worker, you’ll learn how to repair things, work hands-on, and contribute to a positive learning environment. The position provides any student that is interested in a wide variety of hands-on career paths with a great resume building opportunity and chance to work with supportive supervisors who care about you as a person. If you take pride in what you do and are eager to learn valuable life skills, consider the Maintenance Worker position. You don’t need any previous experience fixing things; our staff are here to teach you. Think of all the ways you’ll be able to fix your future apartments or homes!

Be a Custodian at University Apartments

Nothing, I repeat, nothing beats the serenity of the University Apartments community. University Apartments (UA) includes Eagle Heights, University Houses, and Harvey Street Apartments, and is a quick bike or bus ride away from the residence halls. Work on a tight-knit team supporting graduate students, faculty, and their families. As a custodian, you’ll get to work independently and with students from lots of different backgrounds. You’ll learn to clean with detail and even how to work with sustainable and safe cleaning products! Like so many jobs in Housing, you will gain valuable life skills including time management and teamwork. Many of our UA trades staff work closely with Custodians, so you’ll get knowledge on electrical, plumbing, mechanical, carpentry, and painting skills.

Be a Student Custodial Supervisor at University Apartments

Being a Student Custodial Supervisor means you’ll be supervising the student Custodians at UA! This can include any of the responsibilities they have on a day-to-day basis (see above!), but also administrative and office work. You’ll support the team in their work and collaborate with the diverse community of staff on the UA Facilities team. You can’t go wrong here!

Notes from Facilities Students, Past & Present

Desiderio, a Student Custodial Supervisor

“Working in Facilities has been the highlight of my time here at UW-Madison so far. I have met so many wonderful people that have led me to want to become a Student Custodial Supervisor and stay with the job for my time here at UW-Madison.”

Molly, a Student Custodial Supervisor

“I have chosen to continue to work with University Housing for the ability to connect with other student peers, the recognition that University Housing gives employees, and to help keep up the function and enjoyment of student life on campus. Without the work of my fellow employees, the professional University Housing staff, and all others who put their time into University Housing, life on campus wouldn’t be anywhere near how great it is now. I’m happy to be a part of the kind, powerful, collaborate, and influential community around University Housing.”

A former Facilities student employee

A person contributing to this edition of the Maintenance Minute worked as a student for Facilities for several years. While their position wasn’t one mentioned here, they can tell you that their summers with Facilities were truly incredible (and they still work for Housing 6 years later)! There were fun days and tiring days, but the student and full-time coworkers made the experience one to remember. There was so much learned, a plethora of memories made, and a lot of great relationships formed. Your supervisors are there to support you, work with you, and help you succeed. They’re right there working alongside you when you need it and do not hesitate to help out with any project, large or small. Join a team that cares about what they do and about YOU.

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