Meet the Student Staff of Housing: Mia S.


Portrait of Mia S.What year in school are you?


What is your major?

Journalism & Spanish

What area in University Housing do you work for?

Desk Services

How long have you worked for University Housing?

1 semester and counting!

What is your current position?

Desk Worker

What do you do in a typical shift?

In a typical shift, I check resources out to residents, help them out with lock-outs, give directions to students and staff, and greet anyone passing along!

What are some perks of your job?

I think a big perk is the awesome staff that you get to be a part of and become friends with! Everyone is super cool.

What is your favorite part of the job?

One of my favorite parts of the job is how helpful all of my coworkers are. If you ever need a shift covered or some freshening up on a skill, they’ve got you.

What is something you have accomplished in your job that you are proud of?

One thing I’ve accomplished is becoming a lot more aware of where everything is on campus and surrounding the desks. I’m now able to better direct residents and guests when they’re unsure of where to go. My sense of direction is sort of awful so I’m really happy to have become familiar with the location and be able to help others out!

What transferrable skills have you learned?

A skill I use a lot at the desk job is problem-solving. Sometimes something weird or tricky comes up, and you have to think about different ways to find a solution and best guide the person, but it’s really rewarding when you’re able to resolve it!

Why should students apply for this job?

It’s really rewarding, one, to find balance between work and school successfully, and, two, to work a job where you’re helping others.

Why did you choose to work for University Housing over somewhere else?

I know that the “higher-ups” in University Housing positions genuinely care about their workers in that they hire responsible students, so you know your coworkers are going to be hard working and helpful. It’s also just incredibly convenient to work right on campus, especially as a freshman living in the residence halls!