Take Your Child to Work Day

If you are interested in bringing your child to work for Take Your Child to Work Day on April 27th, here’s some important information:

  • Employees are to notify supervisors one week in advance and must have a signed liability form on file.
  • Your child may participate to the extent your school district participates and supports the program.
  • Your child must be in 1st grade or older.
  • There is a limit to one child per employee.
  • The time for the child to be in the workplace is up to four hours.
  • Each unit may determine the hours that work best.
  • Employee should plan to use leave time to transport the child, if necessary

If employee want to bring their child to a dining hall for lunch they should contact Faye Reber for a free lunch voucher for their child.

FAQ’s and a link to the release form can be found on the HR Toolbox in the Policies and Work Rules > Children in the Work Setting Policy folder. The HR Toolbox is located at hr.housing.wisc.edu. From there, click on “Human Resources Toolbox” on the left side.