Air Conditioner Installations

It’s not officially summer, but the temperatures for the season have begun! The Apartment Facilities Office (AFO) is now accepting maintenance requests to install your personal air conditioner (A/C).

Before submitting an A/C work order, please remember that A/C installations are a $40.00 fee. This fee includes both the installation and removal in the fall. In your work order, you will need to note that you accept this fee. If you do not confirm the billing fee, the maintenance request will be rejected.

If you would like an A/C installed, please submit a maintenance request. Please note that phone and walk-in office requests are not accepted. Our office receives many requests to install A/C units and it may take longer for our staff to fulfill your request. We will work as quickly as possible to get your units installed for a nice, cool breeze at home!

To ensure your A/C request is completed quickly, remove your air conditioner from its box and set your A/C unit in the apartment on the floor next to the A/C sleeve (usually found on the wall in the living room covered by a metal plate). The space around the air conditioner sleeve needs to be clear of furniture or other items so our staff can safely install the A/C unit.

Please also note, University Apartments does not supply nor sell A/C units. If you need help determining the correct A/C unit to purchase for your apartment, please contact University Apartments.