It’s Lawn Mowing Season

Lawn mowing season has begun. Maple Leaf, Inc., a local landscaping contractor, will be mowing the lawns at Eagle Heights and University Houses on Wednesdays through the growing season. Harvey Street Apartments are scheduled for Fridays. When weather or a holiday prevents mowing on scheduled days, the lawns will typically be mowed on the next business day.

Please make sure all personal belongings are removed from the lawn areas prior to mowing. University Apartments grounds crew will assist with lawn items they see, but University Apartments is not responsible for personal items left in the lawn. Please use caution around the equipment.

If you have questions or concerns about lawn mowing, please feel free to reach out to the Apartments Facilities office at: (608) 262-2037, or email Contact the Apartment Facilities Office with any questions or concerns you have about lawn mowing.