Meet the Student Staff of Housing: Jazmin L.

Portrait of Jazmin L.What year in school are you?


What is your major?

Environmental Engineering

What area in University Housing do you work for?

Desk Services

How long have you worked for University Housing?

Since May 2022

What is your current position?

Desk Worker

What do you do in a typical shift?

What I do in a typical shift is log packages and mail for residents. I also talk to parents and residents whether in person or in a call about some of their concerns or questions about the residence halls.

What is your favorite part of the job?

My favorite part of the job is meeting new people and welcoming them into Madison!

What is something you have accomplished in your job that you are proud of?

Something that I accomplished in my job is not only being a resource for the residents and parents, but also for the other Desk Workers. Each situation is always unique, so I appreciate Desk Workers asking me questions and getting my input on how to handle a situation.

What transferrable skills have you learned?

A skill that I learned from this job is multitasking. Each day at work is always different, so I learned how to efficiently do my tasks, like logging packages, while also being a resource to the residents and parents whenever necessary.

Why should students apply for this job?

Students should apply for this job because the hours are super flexible, the location is awesome, and staff and supervisors are always there to help.

Why did you choose to work for University Housing over somewhere else?

I chose to work in University Housing because the location was perfect and I’ve had previous experience working with customers (residents) and logging packages.