Meet Evelyn, UA’s Newest Resident Manager

Portrait of Evelyn C.Hi, everyone! My name is Evelyn Joy Coker, and I am thrilled to be the new Resident Manager for the 700 and 800 communities. I am from Chicago, Illinois, and my family of five relocated to Madison so I could pursue my dream of obtaining a Ph.D. I am now a fourth-year doctoral student in the UW social welfare program and will start my dissertation about Black girls involved in the juvenile legal system in the fall. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with extensive experience providing direct services and administering programs in mental health, juvenile justice, and social services. I have also published a book for teen girls to learn to practice mindful self-regulation and journaling to manage their emotions. I am incredibly passionate about driving change and positively impacting the juvenile legal system, and I am grateful that UW–Madison is a part of my journey.

My family has lived in Eagle Heights for the past three years, and we love it! Well, everything except the turkeys. (Sorry to those who love them. Haha!) One thing I love in particular is that my kids can be kids in a different way than where we’re from. My family and I love to play games together and watch Disney movies and musicals. Our favorite musical is Hamilton. You may catch us singing the songs together. We also love hanging out at the park and basketball court. We have enjoyed getting to know our neighbors, and I look forward to meeting all of you. Although I will come to your buildings to say hello, I live in 402A if you need help or would like to meet sooner. You’ll see that I am approachable and eager to help in any way I can. Until we meet, take good care!