Kindness Campaign Events

The UA kindness campaign is still underway! On Friday, July 14th from 6–8pm, we will have not one, but two events revolving around the idea of sharing kindness in your household and community. As one of our events, the movie Wonder will be streamed, starting at about 6pm. Wonder is a movie adaptation of the book, Wonder, about a young boy with significant facial differences who attends a public school for the first time and hopes to achieve normalcy. A group discussion of the film will be held afterwards.

During the film, residents with their families, roommates, and/or partners are invited to make a Kindness Calendar. These calendars are designed to map out days in which each household can provide a service or good that will benefit the community, a neighbor, friends, or family. Examples will be provided, but residents are encouraged to think of some of their own ideas! Art supplies and calendar templates will also be available.

Remember to come to the Community Center and fill out a fish to put up on the gym wall! This is an ongoing event that will continue until Thursday, July 20th.