Spreading Kindness at UA

Throughout the month of July, the residents of University Apartments were focusing on sharing kindness in the UA community in our very own Kindness Campaign. With the help of the UA residents, our goal was to build a kindness definition for all the members of UA to follow, share ideas on how we can uphold our goals and expectations, and give back to the Madison community.

To encourage residents to think about how they can spread kindness and support around the UA community, we held a number of engaging activities for folks to participate in. Kindness Calendars were designed to map out days in which each household can provide a service or good that will benefit the community, a neighbor, friends, or family. The film Wonder was shown for all in attendance to reflect on some of the film’s themes. There was even an event where residents could write messages on paper fish, which we used to decorate for our Family Prom! To support the greater Madison area, we also held a school supply drive. All donations from the drive went to The Road Home, a program that assists families in need with finding long-term housing.

From all of these opportunities, the families, friends, couples, and even singles in University Apartments learned a lot about kindness, support, and appreciation. Friendships were formed, and many others saw the value in giving back to other residents and Madison locals. The Kindness Campaign is forecasted to continue as an annual event.

Submitted by Phillip Werman and UA programming staff