Back-to-School Safety

We are officially back to school! Schedules have shifted and many more students are walking, riding and even running to school. With an increase of children using parking lots, sidewalks, and roads, take a moment to ensure everyone is safe with safety tips.

An adult helps children with backpacks walk on the sidewalk

Parking Lot & Pedestrian Safety

Parents should teach their children how to be safe when walking in or around a parking lot:A shadow of an adult and child over a crosswalk on a road

  • Never play near parked cars
  • Be on the lookout for moving cars
  • Walk in parking lots
  • Look both ways before crossing streets or parking lots
  • Always use sidewalks and crosswalks

It is dangerous to play in parking lots – children assume if they can see the car, the driver can see them. This is not always the case. Parents are encouraged to model good behavior.

Driver & Traffic Safety

Drivers also need to be extra cautious during times of increased school traffic: A view of a car from the back driving down a road in a forested area

  • Go slow and stay alert
  • Check your surroundings before backing or turning
  • Obey all signs

Take your time driving in the community and on campus. Fast driving or rushed actions while driving could lead to big consequences. Drivers must stay alert and calm while driving. Speeding to save a few minutes when running late is not worth someone getting hurt.