Maintenance Minute: Understanding Egress Maps

An egress map for Leopold Residence Hall
An egress map for Leopold Residence Hall

Egress maps are a valuable tool for your safety. Have you taken a moment to look at the map in your room or around your residence hall? These maps not only show a layout of the building and where you are, but also locations of important things to know in an emergency, including

  • Exits
  • Evacuation routes
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Fire alarm pull stations
  • AED location
  • Inclement weather shelter areas

You’ve likely seen one of these maps by now! They are located inside each resident room and near exits and elevators on every floor of the buildings. Use the egress maps to be sure you know where to go in case of a weather or safety emergency.

Is an egress map damaged or missing? Let us know by submitting a maintenance request.

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