University Apartments Winter Storage

Our winter storage policy goes into effect Sunday, October 1, 2023. This policy ensures that University Apartments staff can safely and efficiently remove snow from around your building. Property other than shovels, sleds and bikes, must be moved indoors. Grills are to be placed on the rear patios or aprons of your building where snow removal is not needed. See the University Apartments Storage Policy for full details.

Items that currently require attention:

  • Toys need to be placed in proper storage areas
  • Bikes in bike racks (or on patios in University Houses)
  • Flower pots removed from entryways and patios
  • Pumpkins properly disposed of after fall holidays
  • Garden hoses in proper storage
  • Grills and lawn furniture in proper storage or on patios
  • Property cannot be stored in hallways or on fire rescue landings

Limited storage space may be an issue for you and your family, but storing items outdoors during the winter may result in the property being damaged and or lost. The goal of University Apartments is to create a clean and safe environment during the winter months. Some heavy equipment is used to clear snow around entrance ways, items stored in these areas can make it difficult to operate this equipment. Please reach out to the University Apartments Facilities Office at 608-262-2307 with any questions or concerns.