Leasing Spotlight

Happy October from the University Apartments Leasing Office! Our team has some updates and reminders to pass along to the community.

Transfer offers resume this month!

Current University Apartments residents who wish to move from one neighborhood to another or to a different apartment unit within the same neighborhood must apply for a transfer in their My UW Housing portal. Requests for transfers that are very specific in terms of location may take longer to fulfill. There is a $500 administrative fee for all non-mandatory transfers or a $100 administrative fee for mandatory transfers due to Household size changes or length of occupancy concerns.

With the high return rate of current residents at University Apartments and more prospective residents than spaces available, we are near our capacity and therefore the number of transfer offers will be limited. Based on the availability of apartments and the University Apartments Transfer Policy we will begin offering apartment transfers in October. Again, if you are interested in transferring to a new apartment you should go to your My UW Housing portal to submit the transfer application. We will contact you if we have an apartment transfer available to offer you.

Please submit roommate adds and releases prior to a person moving in or out of an apartment

Roommate add and release requests take time to process. Please allow minimally 3–5 business days to ensure that your request has been approved prior to a roommate moving in or out of your apartment. Roommate adds and release requests will not be backdated. A brief meeting is also required for all roommate adds unless you are adding a spouse to your lease.

Renewals will be offered in February or March

We hope to begin sending out lease renewal offers to all eligible residents in February or March of 2024. The lease year for Eagle Heights and University Houses ends on June 30, 2024, and the lease year for the Harvey Street Apartments ends on May 31, 2024. When your lease renewal offer is available, you will be sent an email with the link to your online lease renewal in your My UW Housing portal.

Subleases require everyone to vacate the apartment during the subleasing period

University Apartments residents are permitted to sublet their apartments to another eligible individual(s) for a maximum period of six months with written consent from the University Apartments leasing office. In order for a subleasing application to be approved all residents on the lease must vacate the apartment during the subleasing timeframe. A subleasing request will not be approved if a roommate or spouse will remain in the apartment during the timeframe a sublet is being requested. Please allow ample time for processing after a subleasing application is submitted. All sublets must be approved, in advance, by the Leasing Office. Please explore our whole policy for additional guidelines and information.