University Apartments Garden Applications Open Soon!

Hello, Eagle Heights and University Houses residents!  Applications for garden plots at Eagle Heights and University Houses Gardens for the 2024 season will be available beginning December 15th, 2023. Our garden is one of the oldest and largest community gardens in the country. Applications are processed in the order we receive them, so I encourage anyone who is interested in applying to do so early.  

Please find the 2024 application here on/after Dec 15, 2023: 

Due to the remodeling in the Community Center in December, the location for the drop-off of completed applications will vary: 

  • From Dec 15, 2023, to Dec 22, 2023 paper applications will be available in the foyer of the Community Center, and completed applications and payment can be put in the secure drop box.
  • From Dec 23, 2023, to Jan 1, 2024, completed applications and payment can be dropped off at the Apartment Facilities office:

      2997 Haight Rd 

      Madison, WI 


  • Beginning on Jan 2, 2024, the Community Center will be open again and applications can be put in the drop box again. Applications and payment can also be mailed to:

      Eagle Heights Gardens c/o Community Center 

      611 Eagle Heights 

      Madison WI, 53705 


(If you mail your application during the time period that the Community Center is closed it will be redirected to the Apartment Facilities office and I will pick it up there). 

We have many resources for new gardeners, and it is a great community to be a part of! Take a look at the website for more information and resources: 

Please contact me with any questions at: