Maintenance Minute: Taking Out the Trash

Red trash can line iconIt stinks, but we all have to take out the trash. When your bin is getting full, save your nose and room from potential odors and take your trash bags to the nearest trash and recycling location. There are maps posted in your residence hall showing the most convenient dumpster location for you.

To keep our residence hall communities pleasant and clean, please avoid throwing food or bags of trash in bathroom or common area bins. Instead, take them outside right away so the bins do not overfill and so our custodians can prioritize making sure your building is a safe, clean, and healthy space.

Please tie all trash bags and prevent overfilling bags. The trash bags available for free to you are made from recycled materials and can only handle so much material. Loose trash is easily picked up by wind and can be harmful to wildlife and the surrounding waterways.

Outdoor Trash & Recycling Locations


  • Phillips: West side of building
  • Dejope: West side of building (near loading dock)
  • Bradley, Cole, Sullivan, Chamberlin, Conover, Jones, & Swenson: Between Jones and Chamberlin Houses
  • Leopold, Humphrey, Jorns, Gilman, Mack, Showerman, & Turner: Behind Holt (near loading dock between Leopold and Showerman)
  • Adams, Slichter, & Tripp: Behind Carson Gulley Center (near loading dock)
  • Waters: Outside of the Parlor


  • Barnard & Chadbourne: Behind building (near loading dock)
  • Lowell: Northeast side of building near parking lot
  • Sellery: Near loading dock off Dayton St.
  • Witte: Near parking lot on the corner of Johnson St. and Frances St.
  • Merit: Behind building near parking lot
  • Ogg: Behind building (near loading dock)
  • Smith: Behind building

Recycling Guidelines

University Housing has a single-stream recycling system, meaning all recyclable materials can be placed together in the blue collection bins and dumpsters. These items include:

  • Plastic bottles and containers marked #1-7
  • Aluminum and steel cans
  • Cardboard boxes
  • Envelopes
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Magazines
  • Office paper and notebooks
  • Paper cups and cartons

All recyclables should be free of liquid and food residue. Learn more about recycling and Housing’s efforts.