Parking in the Snow at UA

Red snowflake line iconWe’ve endured quite the snow fall the past few weeks and we know it was difficult to maintain your parking stalls throughout the storms. Thank-you kindly for all your efforts! We’ve received a high volume of phone calls and emails regarding parking concerns. Please know, residents are expected and required to shovel their individual stalls, as per the parking policy, you may only use your assigned stall for your vehicle. We understand residents may need to park in alternate locations to allow for snow removal, please be mindful of not occupying your neighbors assigned stall, or parking in a visitor/service stall for extended periods. Vehicles may still be given parking warnings in these situations.

Please note:

  • Parking is still being monitored.
  • If your parking stall is occupied by another vehicle, and you need to park somewhere else, email the vehicle’s make/model of car, color, license plate number, and parking location to us at
  • Utilize visitor/service/paid stalls if your assigned is not available due to another vehicle or if you need time to remove your snow.
  • Our staff are working diligently to clear parking lots, visitor/paid parking and community stalls while moving snow piles. More spaces will open up.
  • Check with your neighbor; don’t shovel snow into each other’s stalls, ask them to move their vehicle if they are parked in your assigned stall.
  • There are 1,284 assigned parking stalls in University Apartments. With a limited staff, we do not have the resources to clear individual parking stalls.

The weather forecast for next week may be warmer in the day, but will freeze at night with a mix of rain, snow/sleet. This may impact your stall and parking may be difficult due to the ice. Be proactive! Sand/salt mixes are available to use for your stall. They are not in the large barrels at this time, but in smaller 5 gallon buckets. Please take what you need. DO NOT remove the buckets as they are refilled daily. You can find the buckets in several UA locations:

  • Community Center vestibule (front entrance of he building)
  • Apartments Facilities Office entrance vestibule
  • Harvey St. laundry room
  • Brown bus shelter (on Eagle Heights Dr.)
  • University Houses laundry rooms

We appreciate you! Please be careful and stay safe!