Staying Warm & Safe in Winter Weather

Red snowflake line iconAs the forecast calls for a much colder week ahead, we wanted to provide some tips to staying safe and warm. During the heating season, the following are helpful guidelines for maintaining heat in your apartment. University Apartments is required to follow the State energy conservation guidelines so our heating systems are set to heat to a range of about 68-72 degrees Fahrenheit.

To help maintain the heat in your apartment, here are a few tips:

  • Please keep all windows closed and latched. This will keep your apartment warm and will also protect the building’s heating system from freezing. During extreme cold weather, we will have staff enter apartments to close windows that we see open.
  • To allow heated air to circulate, keep interior doors open as much as possible and keep furniture six inches from convectors or radiators.
  • If you attempt to lower the temperature in your apartment (by turning down the thermostat in Eagle Heights or Harvey Street or by turning off some convectors in University Houses) and the temperature doesn’t lower, please submit a maintenance request.
  • If your sink is located on an exterior wall, please open the cabinet door below the sink to reduce the chance of pipes freezing. This could help this week Monday and Tuesday.
  • If you are currently away from campus, please let us know so we can ensure the windows in your apartment are closed, adjust your thermostat, and open your cabinets, if needed.
  • In Wisconsin, even indoors, it is typical to wear long sleeves, socks, and layers to stay warm.
  • Helpful information about winter weather safety can be found on the National Weather Service website.

Please make sure you call in maintenance concerns that are related to the cold weather as soon as you notice them. Issues like no heat or no water are urgent and should be reported immediately. On weekends or evenings, contact the Resident Manager on Call at (608) 444-9308. During the weekdays, contact the Apartment Facilities Office at (608) 262-2037.