Maintenance Minute: Keeping Your Room Clean

Red broom line iconIt can be hard to find time to keep your room clean. When you do have the time, not knowing where to find cleaning supplies can be frustrating, too. Thankfully, there are cleaning supply kits in every residence hall community available for you to use to clean your room.

The location of the general cleaning supply kit is different for each community. Still, they can usually be found in a den, lounge, kitchen, or laundry room. If you’re not sure where to look for one in your building, you can always ask your House Fellow, a University Housing Facilities staff member, or you can submit a maintenance request. You can check out a vacuum from your residence hall desk. Always remember to return the cleaning supply kits and vacuums!

To stay on top of a clean room, our Facilities team has some tips to keep your room in excellent condition.

  • Take out your trash and recycling daily.
  • Wipe out your refrigerator at least once every month.
  • Clean, dust, or wipe down your rooms from top to bottom, starting counterclockwise and working around the room. In other words, start with the highest points in the room (blinds, door frames, windows), clean mid-level items next (bed frames, desks and desk chairs, dressers), and end with the floor. Vacuuming your floor should always be your last step!
  • Don’t forget about cleaning common touchpoints like light switches and door handles.

If you have a mess that’s more than you can handle, you can always submit a maintenance request. Our Facilities staff may be able to help with knowledge and resources.

Submit a Maintenance Request