Ramadan Meal Service Available

Ramadan Meal Service

Sunday, March 10–Tuesday, April 9

If you are observing Ramadan and need meal service to accommodate your needs, we’re here for you. All meals are Halal certified and will be available for pick-up at the market of your choice. Boxed Breakfasts will count as one meal swipe. Dates will be available at all markets to break the fast.

Note: UA Residents will pick-up at the Flamingo Run at Four Lakes only and boxed breakfasts can be purchased at breakfast door price.


We can take orders Monday – Friday from 8:00am – 4:30pm. Orders will need to be placed by 2pm that day for pick-up at 5pm (or later). Please note: If you wish to have a meal for Saturday, Sunday, or Monday, please plan and place your order by 2pm Friday of the previous week.

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The Menu

Includes napkins and utensils

  • Fruit (choose 1)
    • Apple
    • Orange
    • Banana
  • Yogurt (choose 1)
    • Flavored (Black Cherry, Blueberry, Peach)
    • Dairy Free Vanilla
  • Entree (choose 1)
    • Southwest Chicken (halal certified)and Egg Burrito
    • Egg, Cheese, and Spinach on an English Muffin
    • Vegan Egg and Cheese, Spinach, and Mushroom Burrito
  • Beverage (choose 1)
    • Apple Juice
    • Orange Juice
    • Water

Pick Up

Sunday, March 10 – Friday, March 22 & Sunday, March 31 – April 10

  • Gordon Flamingo Run (10am – 11pm)
  • Four Lakes Flamingo Run (10am – 11pm)
  • Carson’s (Sunday – Thursday)
  • Liz’s Market (Monday – Saturday)
  • Lowell Market (Monday – Friday)
  • Rheta’s Flamingo Run (Sunday – Friday)
  • UA pick up ONLY at Flamingo Run at Four Lakes

Special Spring Break Hours

Saturday, March 23 – Saturday, March 30

  • Gordon Flamingo Run (10am – 8pm)
  • Four Lakes Flamingo Run (10am – 8pm)
  • UA pick up ONLY at Flamingo Run at Four Lakes

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Questions? Email us at dining@housing.wisc.edu.